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Dear Dr. Ablow,

I'm just an undergrad psych major and even I know that what you said is nonsense (and that's putting it mildly). Pink toenails will not make little boys transgendered or gay, or cause enough mental anguish to require therapy. If anything is going to cause psychological distress, it's the hostile, narrow-minded, negative behavior of people like you.



PS: How the hell did you get your degree?

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Happy Indepence Day~!

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Sometimes, I really don't like my conscience. Yeah, it helps me be a lawful citizen and generally a good person. But then there's moments where it'll make me feel unreasonably guilty. Today is a good example.

I'm leaving my class after finishing a test (which I hopefully passed *crosses fingers*) and there on the corner of the street is an Old Bible Guy. You know the type: white, white haired/balding, kind of wrinkly, in a fussy suit (not the snazzy kind that guys like ~Arthur~ look really good). There's a box beside him filled with miniature, green, new testament bibles.

Now, I volunteer at my local Catholic church for RE (religious education). I was raised a Catholic but I'm not a big fan of religion (or large, single-minded groups in general). I'm not the most faithful, pious person around, needless to say, so I wouldn't know anything about the Bible. I'm really not interested in learning or reading the Bible, miniature or not.

Unfortunately, I had no way of avoiding the friendly Old Bible Guy. But I really didn't want that bible he was oh so eager to offer. So I had an idea. I had my headphones on! I could walk right by this guy while fiddling with my Ipod (because I still hadn't picked any album to listen to yet) and pretend to not hear him! That way I wouldn't have to get yet another mini-bible that I would only toss into a random place never to be seen or heard from again.

So that's what I did.

Half a block away from the Old Bible Guy, my conscience wallops me with a 50 pound bag of guilt. What kind of terrible person am I to ignore a kindly man who only wants to possibly convert me and save my soul? He was doing it out of the kindness of his heart (or probably a sense of moral obligation) and I just pretended he didn't even exist. I felt like scum.

But there seems to be some sort of Old Bible Guy Convention in town because a couple blocks later, Old Bible Guy 2.0 was standing at a street corner!!

I almost tripped myself, I ran to him so fast. I treated him with a bright smile and a cheery "good morning" and why yes, I would love to have a mini green bible thank you so very much. Have a nice day Old Bible Guy 2.0!


What the hell am I supposed to do with my pocket-New Testament now?!

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I'll try to get a more sensible post up later about the con. I just had to work the Misha-cinogen out of my system.
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I just got my tickets in the mail yesterday for the Salute to Supernatural Chicago Convention 2009. OMGYAY. I am so psyched, let me tell you. I got my preferred seating for Saturday admission ticket, as well as my Misha Collins photograph and autograph tickets. (It took me three tries to spell "tickets" that's how excited I am). They're all shiny and pretty and mine!! :D I am determined to enjoy every single second of the convention seeing as I haven't attended a convention in years and this'll be my first SPN themed convention. My two greatest friends will be attending the con with me. They've never gone to a con. They're con-virgins. I feel it apt that they should lose they're con-virginity with an SPN-con rather than a comic-con.

MISHAMISHAMISHAMISHA. It's going to be fantastic if only because of MISHA. But Jim Beaver's going to be there on Saturday, too. So, that means that it's going to be DOUBLE awesome.

On a completely unrelated, parting note, I just saw a youtube clip in which Colin Morgan listed himself as a "dragon wrangler" in his list of special talents. HE'S SO AMAZING, I LOVE HIM.
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So...several fandoms to talk about this time around, along with some real life stuff.

Slight spoilers for SPN, Kingdom Hearts, and Merlin )

Lastly, my little brother had his first band concert today. He plays the baritone which is probably as big as he is. He was so adorable. The whole fifth grade band was adorable. They were all so excited to be playing their instruments. *smug* Of course, my brother was the best :) His instructor is considering upgrading him to a tuba and on his band progress report he got Exceeds Expectations on everything. The little guy is awesome, what can I say? It's 'cause he's got such an awesome big sister, methinks.

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I've got my driver's license. I went in today and drove with the test instructor lady. Afterwards, she said I did just fine. I was all "Thanks!" Then I sort of blinked and said "Wait, did I pass?" She said I sure did and I told her that it was excellent to hear that because this was the third time I tried. Then I let her know that she was an awesome person and I was going to treat myself to some ice cream, thank you very much. She agreed that that was a good idea. Now I don't have to put up with my mother-dearest's nagging and my father-dearest's "suggestions." It is an extreme relief.

I still abhor driving, and I plan to continue carpooling at every opportunity, but I feel very proud anyway. Now I'm off to get some ice cream.
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Dude, I'm so impressed with myself.

Now, I don't consider myself to be very tech-savvy. I'm the most tech-savvy person in my family but that's not saying much as my family's tech-savvyness encompasses logging on and clicking internet/email icons. I can do more than that, but not much. So, when I got my new laptop--which I named Emrys Pendragon in honor of my Merlin!obsession--I was somewhat troubled. But, yay! got all the applications and programs working on it. Then I realized I had no internet connection.

Because of my required computer class--and my mom's work friend who knows a bit about this stuff--I realized I needed a router and to set up a network. It took me hours, but by the end of it all I had a secure network connection so that I can, on my dear blue Emrys laptop, access the internet from my room or outside (or anywhere within a thousand feet of the router).

It may not sound like a big deal, but, you guys, I set it up all by myself!! Without irreparably damaging any equipment. AND IT WORKS. *preens* There may be hope for me yet!
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I just finished watching "Midnight" from season four of Doctor Who. This is the second time I watched it. The first time left be devastated and extremely frustrated. Really, I would like to pretend that human beings can be better than that. I like to pretend that we actually think before embracing the whole "kill the unknown entity." *le sigh* So, yeah, it was an uber-aggravating episode. Not to say it was a bad episode; the tension and suspense had me at the edge of my seat and my mind was completely captivated by the possibilities the unknown entity brought forth.

Also, when first watched it I thought emo-kid was pretty and I wanted to keep him. Now, my second time through, I realized that emo-kid's name is Jethro and is played by COLIN MORGAN. Results of the second viewing: still captivated by the plot but was easily distracted by pretty Colin. I'm fairly certain that I sort of squealed "He's so CUTE." every time he was on screen. My mom kept shooting amused/miffed glances in my direction. But! She agrees that Colin-dearest is very and utterly adorable.

Emo!Colin is just amazing. And I couldn't stop alternating between admiring his cheek bones and ogling his exposed neck. He has a nice neck. Curse Merlin and his stupidly endearing neckerchiefs.

*blush* I really should have more self-control. This is embarrassing behavior.

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I really, really don't like driving. I know how to do it but I hate it, a lot. It induces mini-panic attacks or at least high tension. It's stupid and unreasonable because driving is a simple set of actions and easily memorable rules; there is no reason for my nervousness. Still, I avidly avoid practicing so I've failed my last two driving tests which leaves me license-less. It's not something I particularly minded because I have an extreme dislike to this activity and never felt the compulsion to ever drive myself anywhere even when I was fifteen and everyone around me was all jazzed up about the "freedom of driving."

However, recent events regarding  my family situation has made it very necessary for me to buck up and freaking learn how to drive properly. No more ducking out of opportunities for practice. (Which, really, is shameful that I do such a thing. What kind of example am I setting for my siblings, whom I've always told to face a challenge head on?).

So, because I'm a coward and because I do better if I have reasons to do so, I've decided to make a list. A list of "Why Kajeless Should Get a Driver's License."

Why I Should Get My Driver's License
1. I'll be able to take my little people to fun places.
2. I'll be able to secretly go out shopping for birthday/holiday gifts for my little people.
3. I'll be able to drive myself to work or school if carpooling falls through.
4. However unlikely, if I get the sudden urge to socialize with peers outside of a work or academic setting, I will be able to do so. (It should be mentioned I've never felt such a thing and don't expect to in the near future so this might not be considered an actual reason).
5. I'll be able to go grocery shopping and help out my mother-dearest.
6. If the little people get sick in school, I'll be able to take them home and care for them rather than having to pull mother away from work.


I can't think of any other reasons. It's a work in progress but maybe if I keep this in mind, I'll be able to coerce myself into the driver's seat more often. Wish me luck (I'll definitely need it).

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