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Good god, I hate noses. A lot. Freaking noses, smack dab in the middle of a person's face.

...and Dean Winchester's face. I am very frustrated with Dean's face. Particularly his nose. I CAN'T FREAKING DRAW NOSES, OKAY? It's very aggravating. How am I supposed to do a nice reverse-charcoal piece if I can't get his nose right?

First it's too long, then it's  too short, then it's too far to one side than the other. It doesn't help that the angle of the photo is kind of at an upwards tilt. Dean, WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH A GORGEOUS FACE? How can I possibly do it justice with my mediocre art skills? What if I inadvertently slaughter his beauty?

*snarl* No, you know what? Screw that. I am determined. I am going to finish this piece if it kills me. And, gosh darn it, it'll even have a vague resemblance to the elder Winchester brother when it's done!!

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This is, as the title suggests, a continuation of my previous post. We've covered Rose and Martha and their time with the Doctor. Now, it's time to take a look at Donna Noble.

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I woke up, for some reason, at one this morning and could not, despite my best efforts, fall back to sleep. I let my mind wander to Doctor Who; I recently finished watching series four. I am a fairly new fan of series and have never watched the Classic Who. However, I love the show. The Tenth Doctor is particularly amazing in his enthusiasm--which borders on hyperactivity, admittedly. It is infectious. This, coupled with his tendency to be involved in high-risk situations, it's really no wonder why people, characters, fall in love with him. It's psychologically proven that physical attraction and feelings of "falling in love" are heightened when the body is in an aroused state due to stressful situations. So, it's easy to see and understand how the Doctor--sometimes unwittingly--seduces his companions in one form or another.

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