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I really, really don't like driving. I know how to do it but I hate it, a lot. It induces mini-panic attacks or at least high tension. It's stupid and unreasonable because driving is a simple set of actions and easily memorable rules; there is no reason for my nervousness. Still, I avidly avoid practicing so I've failed my last two driving tests which leaves me license-less. It's not something I particularly minded because I have an extreme dislike to this activity and never felt the compulsion to ever drive myself anywhere even when I was fifteen and everyone around me was all jazzed up about the "freedom of driving."

However, recent events regarding  my family situation has made it very necessary for me to buck up and freaking learn how to drive properly. No more ducking out of opportunities for practice. (Which, really, is shameful that I do such a thing. What kind of example am I setting for my siblings, whom I've always told to face a challenge head on?).

So, because I'm a coward and because I do better if I have reasons to do so, I've decided to make a list. A list of "Why Kajeless Should Get a Driver's License."

Why I Should Get My Driver's License
1. I'll be able to take my little people to fun places.
2. I'll be able to secretly go out shopping for birthday/holiday gifts for my little people.
3. I'll be able to drive myself to work or school if carpooling falls through.
4. However unlikely, if I get the sudden urge to socialize with peers outside of a work or academic setting, I will be able to do so. (It should be mentioned I've never felt such a thing and don't expect to in the near future so this might not be considered an actual reason).
5. I'll be able to go grocery shopping and help out my mother-dearest.
6. If the little people get sick in school, I'll be able to take them home and care for them rather than having to pull mother away from work.


I can't think of any other reasons. It's a work in progress but maybe if I keep this in mind, I'll be able to coerce myself into the driver's seat more often. Wish me luck (I'll definitely need it).

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Good god, I hate noses. A lot. Freaking noses, smack dab in the middle of a person's face.

...and Dean Winchester's face. I am very frustrated with Dean's face. Particularly his nose. I CAN'T FREAKING DRAW NOSES, OKAY? It's very aggravating. How am I supposed to do a nice reverse-charcoal piece if I can't get his nose right?

First it's too long, then it's  too short, then it's too far to one side than the other. It doesn't help that the angle of the photo is kind of at an upwards tilt. Dean, WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH A GORGEOUS FACE? How can I possibly do it justice with my mediocre art skills? What if I inadvertently slaughter his beauty?

*snarl* No, you know what? Screw that. I am determined. I am going to finish this piece if it kills me. And, gosh darn it, it'll even have a vague resemblance to the elder Winchester brother when it's done!!

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