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I just finished watching season one of White Collar. While I normally watch shows based on how much it sparks my thinky-neurons or how action-packed it is, this show has become my guilty pleasure. I spend most of my time just admiring Caffrey in his super-sexy suit-and-hat ensemble. My brain just goes CAFFREY YOU GORGEOUS MAN YOU, on a loop. Despite his hotness, Caffrey's sappiness is annoying. His romantic streak is aggravating (and slightly endearing, in that "oh, you pathetic idiot" sort of way). I do my best to ignore it, and repress the urge to smack him silly with his pretty hat.


I originally started watching it because I heard people talk about how mindblowingly attractive one Neal Caffrey was (such a charming con man!) and how he was slashed with Peter Burke who pretty much owned Caffrey. On the one hand, I can now fully appreciate Caffrey's ridiculously handsome self. On the other hand, I cannot bring myself to slash him with Peter because he's happily married to his wickedly awesome wife, Elizabeth Burke, whom I love and adore. I'm big on fidelity and commitment so the idea of taking Peter away from his wife and placing him with Caffrey gives me an icky twisted feeling in my gut.
So I've found a show that I don't slash (at least not yet; there hasn't been another recurring male character I want Caffrey with).

Also, I need to say how upset I am that they introduced Diana, a black lesbian, in the first episode and then promptly get rid of her for the following episodes until the last one. She was so cool! Very collected and smirky. I have a terrible feeling that they got rid of her to replace her with a female character Caffrey can flirt with; how unfair is that? I just hope I see more of her in the second season (the first episode of which I'm in the process of streaming as I type this).

So, Elizabeth and Diana are awesome female characters (I'm also liking Caffrey's landlady--June, I think). On the other hand, I do not approve of Kate and that one fence-girl whose name I can't recall. The first just uses Caffrey (and that's like kicking a puppy) and the latter is too desperate for Caffrey (it's kind of pathetic).

Lastly, MOZZIE. What can one possibly say about Mozzie? His neurosis is endearing; especially when he uses it to show he cares (giving Caffrey advice, for one). I WANT HIM TO BE MY FRIEND.

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I have never before watched "That 70's Show" because, honestly, it looks kind of stupid and I'm more into science fiction TV, anyway (if we're in the past, where's the TARDIS?) Then I found this clip. JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT, WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN CUTE?? That bit at 2:09, where he's all smiley and says "you're so cute" needs to be made into an icon, like yesterday. WANTWANTWANT. Stupid, redhead boy having JGL kiss him...lucky bastard.

Seriously, when I went to watch Inception the first time, I had no idea it would introduce me to a new epic fan-crush. I must now go e-stalk him :)

ETA: Now that I think about it, it probably has already been made into an icon. I just gotta go find it.
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Misha Collins is number 29. Jensen Ackles is number 6. Is anyone else ecstatic about that? Still, I think Misha should've been in the top ten *le sigh* Oh well. Perhaps next year.
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I'll try to get a more sensible post up later about the con. I just had to work the Misha-cinogen out of my system.
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So...several fandoms to talk about this time around, along with some real life stuff.

Slight spoilers for SPN, Kingdom Hearts, and Merlin )

Lastly, my little brother had his first band concert today. He plays the baritone which is probably as big as he is. He was so adorable. The whole fifth grade band was adorable. They were all so excited to be playing their instruments. *smug* Of course, my brother was the best :) His instructor is considering upgrading him to a tuba and on his band progress report he got Exceeds Expectations on everything. The little guy is awesome, what can I say? It's 'cause he's got such an awesome big sister, methinks.

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Spoilers and fangirlish behavior... )

On a side note, Zachariah is a bastard and I hope Dean eventually stabs him in the face. That'd be  great.

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Merlin is awesome, I've decided. I've been watching it as much as I can since it first aired on NBC. Unfortunately, I work until 7 on Sundays so I usually miss the first half of every episode. Which sucks, but what can you do? Besides, every bit assuages the pain of being Supernatural-less. Also, Merlin inspires an "OMG, SQUEE" fangirly reaction from me.

Why? Well, because... )
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Ohmygosh, awesome! I went to the Museum of Science and Industry today and saw THE HARRY POTTER EXHIBITION. It was freaking cool. I saw all sorts of costumes. Draco's quidditch uniform was hilariously small when compared to Cedric's and Wood's uniform. So petite! I'm sure HarryxDraco fans appreciated that. And Umbridge's proclamations were hanging all over the place (I had forgotten how much I hated her but I remembered quite clearly after reading them). I saw Lupin's wand and robes. His wand was surprisingly feminine. It made me giggle--it also renewed my SiriusxRemus love which had fallen dormant in the past months. Oh, and Hermione's Yule Ball dress was there. I got to sit on Hagrid's couch! It was HUGE. Me and my three siblings all fit on it at once. We saw Norberta's egg and it was all moving and crackly.


Lucius Malfoy's costume from the Chamber of Secrets was there and there was a Dementor and holographic Dark Mark. It was all smoky and cool. Bellatrix Lestrange's Azkaban uniform was there too. Oh, and the four poster beds belonging to Harry and Ron--they were messy and undone...boys are untidy, I guess. EEEE, SIRIUS' WANTED POSTER WAS NEAR THE BEGINNING OF THE EXHIBIT. AND HIS COSTUME APPEARED NEAR THE END. LOVELOVELOVE.

We got to pull mandrakes! And throw quaffles through quidditch posts! :) It was excellent. Also, I bought myself a Slytherin tie and EPIC pen. I'll get pictures to post. We, unfortunately, were not allowed to take pictures of the actual exhibit, but I got pictures of the Ford Anglia and promotional cardboard cut out things of the Half Blood Prince.

There's lots I'm leaving out I'm sure, but I'm too excited to type properly. Perhaps a later post.

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