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I am currently watching the movie "Change of Plan" featuring Joe Flannigan. His character, who was an Air Force pilot turned aeronautical engineer who teaches at an engineering school , and his singer-wife inherit four kids from the wife's dead best friend. Except that neither know the first thing about taking care of kids because they're both very career oriented individuals. The oldest kid is an anglo-saxon teen girl, the youngest is a little Korean (I think) girl. They have a Guatemalan brother (also teen) and an African brother (elementary age). So you have a group of kids in a medley of ages, sizes, and colors. I've already teared up once and it's not even halfway through the film.

Also, I'm mentally replacing the wife with McKay, and I'm convinced that Flannigan's character is actually Sheppard. This film is like a well written Stargate Atlantis AU kid!fic. It makes me happy inside.

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Ladies and gentleman of the internet:

I have found a new fandom and its name is INCEPTION.


Arthur is my boy, my pretty pretty boy in suspenders and prettiness. His slicked back hair made me want to run up to him and mess it up (then run away because I get the feeling he'd have a flail-y panic attack over it---which I would laugh about from a safe distance and then offer him consolation in the form of cookies once he calms down).

I feel a desperate need to slash him (because that's how I show my love). Maybe with the Forger (whose name escapes me but I know the actor had a role in "Band of Brothers"). He was snarky and liked to blow things up and seeing the two put up with each other was hilarious. (I think they annoy each other to the point of torture, but I get a twisted sense of pleasure out of that. What does that say about me, I wonder?).

The female Architect (whose name also escapes me) was cute and smart and I want to adopt her.

There was a moment in the film that the characters went on to say something about the laws of physics and their suddenly not being applicable to the situation at hand. My first thought? "Oh, McKay would be pissed!" I could just picture him throwing a tantrum about it, all redfaced and panicky. It'd be great :D

This pretty much convinced me that my brain is wired by fandom. Seriously, a brain scan would probably show a map of fandoms, all interconnected in some way or another.

Fandom, I <3 you hardcore.

In conclusion: Inception, watch again y/y? *toddles off to find Inception!Arthur fanstuff*
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Recently, I started keeping lists of my favorite fics on Word documents. One Word document per fandom. Fandoms included are: Merlin, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, and Kingdom Hearts. Most of these lists are less than five pages long, all in Calibri 11 font type/size.

Stargate Atlantis is on page 39 with 261 entries. *facepalm*

This means that A) all the best writers reside in the SGA fandom, B) I might not be as discerning in my fic reading as I originally thought, C) McShep is just that good or D) some combination of all of the above.


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What, they couldn't have killed off Kavanagh instead? Kaje does not approve of character deaths )

I'm off to bed now, thinking of kittens and butterflies and rainbows.
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He's a slut :D

Seriously, two Ascended women and a princess so far. I just finished watching episode "The Long Goodbye." I'm close to adding Weir in Sheppard's list of conquests but I'm going to let this one slide since they were possessed. He claims to "never see this coming" but he gives in very, very easily to the ladies' advances. Jesus, Sheppard, exercise some self-control.

Also, Rodney's amazing. He has made some great development since the first episode and, no lie, he's still a jerk but he's been making emotional attachments to his team. Pretty amazing, considering his social skills. Still, I'm sure he'll make an honest man out of Sheppard eventually.

Speaking of pairings, Caldwell totally has a thing for Weir (who wouldn't? That woman's awesome). He was so glaring death at Sheppard when Phoebus!Weir chose him to be her "husband's" vessel. I love watching Caldwell interact with Weir; there is grudging respect on both parts and a bond based on their leadership status. And the way Weir shoots Caldwell down makes me giggle. I usually end up picturing Caldwell mooning over oblivious!Weir who thinks Caldwell's acting really strangely in a "omg, is he possessed again?!" way.

Anyway, Sheppard's definitely going into my harem List of Awesome.
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[ profile] kripkes_angel was kind enough to lend me her Stargate Atlantis season 1 DVDs a while back and I finally finished watching the three part finale--which is just as painfully cruel as Kripke with its cliffhanger. John Sheppard's hair is...awesome doesn't do it justice. Every time I see him I want to tug at his hair. It's awkward because there's a student in my advanced spanish class who bears a remarkable resemblance to Sheppard. He even has the same laid-back attitude as Sheppard. Also, Rodney Mckay is kind of a yellow-bellied whiner but I love him just the same because he's an arrogant, snarky, scientific genius who always pulls through in the end.

I gotta say, though, his lips bug the hell out of me. It's all pulled to one side so every time I see Mckay, I subconcsiously tilt my head to the side a bit to make it even. One must note that when I size a guy up, I look at three main attributes: hair, eyes, lips. Mckay doesn't really meet my standards on any of these attributes but his personality is overly appealing in an annoying and amusing sort of way. I do love the guy, though, and through [ profile] kripkes_angel's insistence and [ profile] thisfishflies's recs, I've been thoroughly introduced to the McShep 'ship. Yay. Such an endearing pair; they never fail to make me giggle.

Also, on SGA, awesome female characters that haven't died or been killed off (yet, as far as I'm aware) like Teyla who can beat Sheppard with a stick and Weir who can stare/talk down a group of trained, battle-hardened military men. Oh, thank you SGA-creator-who's-name-I-haven't-learned-yet!! (Merlin got points for this too before Morgana and Gwen started disappointing me but that's a different story entirely that probably has spoilers some might not want to read).

Oh, and Alistair v. 2.0 is in it as a loving, doting Athosian father. It is mega creepy seeing him fuss over his son after seeing him mindscrew Dean with sadistic pleasure. And Mary Winchester's dad is in it. Instead of being a Campbell, he's a Caldwell. And there's a character with the surname of Novak. So, it's like getting a dose of pseudo-SPN while watching it. Beckett, the doctor-ish person, was a guest in the episode Fallen Idols(?) of SPN. He was with the Little Bastard, sadly without the wicked accent.

In conlcusion: I'm looking foward to seeing season 2.


List of Awesome: TV/Web Show Edition
Stargate Atlantis
Doctor Who
Torchwood (pre-Children of Earth)
The Guild
Dr. Horrible

There are others, I'm sure, but I'm too tired to think of them right now.

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