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Recently, I started keeping lists of my favorite fics on Word documents. One Word document per fandom. Fandoms included are: Merlin, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, and Kingdom Hearts. Most of these lists are less than five pages long, all in Calibri 11 font type/size.

Stargate Atlantis is on page 39 with 261 entries. *facepalm*

This means that A) all the best writers reside in the SGA fandom, B) I might not be as discerning in my fic reading as I originally thought, C) McShep is just that good or D) some combination of all of the above.


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Spoilers for Doctor Who Season 5 Finale )

I realize that this post is not very organized but it's four in the morning and I just finished watching the last Doctor Who episode. I haven't really had time to process it beyond "Wow, awesome."

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That subject line, my friends, was pretty much what my mind was saying throughout episodes The End of Time, parts 1 and 2. John Simm, you make a brilliant madman! AND OHMYGOD DID HE LOOK GORGEOUS IN EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT HE WORE!! And the slash! So much slashable pretty interactions between the Doctor and the Master. OH MASTERMASTERMASTER ILU.

Spoiler Alert )
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I just finished watching "Midnight" from season four of Doctor Who. This is the second time I watched it. The first time left be devastated and extremely frustrated. Really, I would like to pretend that human beings can be better than that. I like to pretend that we actually think before embracing the whole "kill the unknown entity." *le sigh* So, yeah, it was an uber-aggravating episode. Not to say it was a bad episode; the tension and suspense had me at the edge of my seat and my mind was completely captivated by the possibilities the unknown entity brought forth.

Also, when first watched it I thought emo-kid was pretty and I wanted to keep him. Now, my second time through, I realized that emo-kid's name is Jethro and is played by COLIN MORGAN. Results of the second viewing: still captivated by the plot but was easily distracted by pretty Colin. I'm fairly certain that I sort of squealed "He's so CUTE." every time he was on screen. My mom kept shooting amused/miffed glances in my direction. But! She agrees that Colin-dearest is very and utterly adorable.

Emo!Colin is just amazing. And I couldn't stop alternating between admiring his cheek bones and ogling his exposed neck. He has a nice neck. Curse Merlin and his stupidly endearing neckerchiefs.

*blush* I really should have more self-control. This is embarrassing behavior.

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This is, as the title suggests, a continuation of my previous post. We've covered Rose and Martha and their time with the Doctor. Now, it's time to take a look at Donna Noble.

After Martha, Donna arrived. )
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I woke up, for some reason, at one this morning and could not, despite my best efforts, fall back to sleep. I let my mind wander to Doctor Who; I recently finished watching series four. I am a fairly new fan of series and have never watched the Classic Who. However, I love the show. The Tenth Doctor is particularly amazing in his enthusiasm--which borders on hyperactivity, admittedly. It is infectious. This, coupled with his tendency to be involved in high-risk situations, it's really no wonder why people, characters, fall in love with him. It's psychologically proven that physical attraction and feelings of "falling in love" are heightened when the body is in an aroused state due to stressful situations. So, it's easy to see and understand how the Doctor--sometimes unwittingly--seduces his companions in one form or another.

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