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Spoilers and fangirlish behavior... )

On a side note, Zachariah is a bastard and I hope Dean eventually stabs him in the face. That'd be  great.

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Woah, I had the weirdest dream last night. It featured Sam and Dean, Bobby and Castiel. And Gordon. My subconscious, apparently consists of Supernatural characters.

So, Gordon was hunting Sam which somehow resulted in Deann being trapped inside a burning Harvelle Roadhouse. Bobby was uber-awesome, busting through the door and dragging Dean to safety. Sammy was panicking and useless throughout it. after that, Castiel was in the backseat of Gordon's car. Castiel was all aloof and coolly angelic--it was wicked. I was there too! Right next to him. I dont know why, but dream logic informed me that Gordon was taking us to Dean. Gordon was heading towards what looked suspiciously like the Chicago cityscape.

Castiel got impatient and popped us (minus Gordon) into another car. He drove and apparently did not like speed limits. He zoomed through the highway, flying past Gordon. (Literally, flying.) The radio played Nickelback. Eventually we flew off  the highway and found ourselves levitating over a snowy hill. I freaked (in a good way). I said something along the lines of "Lucifer must really like you; you're a speed demon!"

I wanted to kick myself as soon as I finished the sentence because the car came to a sudden stop and he looked at me in shock. Then the car plummeted to the snow-covered ground.

(I should mention, while Cas and I were zoomin around, there were pretty sparkly floating jewels everywhere that he and I had to collect by ramming into each one we saw--like a bonus level in a video game!)

The car slammed onto the ground; I survived, thankfully. We started rolling down the hill, building up speed. It came to a halt at the bottom of the hill which, incidentally, turned out to be the sandy bank of a lake. Castiel stepped out of the car and waded in the water. He then turned into a merman. (Seriously. Tail fin, was weird). Then Sebastion!Dean and Flounder!Sam swam about him and Scuttle!Uriel flew overhead.

At that point I woke up and was all "That was trippy. I should write it down."

And I did.

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