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Spoilers )

And finally, happy birthday to me! I believe this episode of Merlin is quite the appropriate gift to myself.
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So, I sort of realize I'm a slash-obsessed fangirl. I hadn't realized I  was a psychotic slash-obsessed fangirl.

I watched the last episode of season one of Merlin last night. I also watched a youtube vid using Enrique Iglesia's "I Can Be Your Hero" with Arthur/Merlin. I suppose that might explain the spazzy dream I had last night.

I dreamt that I was Merlin and I was planning my wedding. I was in a huge Gothic cathedral and there were fluttery doves all around. It was actually really pretty. My spouse-to-be was...Prince Arthur. *choke* I do not understand my dreams, really I don't. As much as I love Arthur/Merlin,  I much prefer Merlin because he is cute and adorable. I rather would've preferred to be Prince Arthur marrying Merlin. And a cathedral? REALLY? I would think the clergy frowned upon my not-marriage.

I woke up and was all "what?"

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Merlin is awesome, I've decided. I've been watching it as much as I can since it first aired on NBC. Unfortunately, I work until 7 on Sundays so I usually miss the first half of every episode. Which sucks, but what can you do? Besides, every bit assuages the pain of being Supernatural-less. Also, Merlin inspires an "OMG, SQUEE" fangirly reaction from me.

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