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Sometimes, I really don't like my conscience. Yeah, it helps me be a lawful citizen and generally a good person. But then there's moments where it'll make me feel unreasonably guilty. Today is a good example.

I'm leaving my class after finishing a test (which I hopefully passed *crosses fingers*) and there on the corner of the street is an Old Bible Guy. You know the type: white, white haired/balding, kind of wrinkly, in a fussy suit (not the snazzy kind that guys like ~Arthur~ look really good). There's a box beside him filled with miniature, green, new testament bibles.

Now, I volunteer at my local Catholic church for RE (religious education). I was raised a Catholic but I'm not a big fan of religion (or large, single-minded groups in general). I'm not the most faithful, pious person around, needless to say, so I wouldn't know anything about the Bible. I'm really not interested in learning or reading the Bible, miniature or not.

Unfortunately, I had no way of avoiding the friendly Old Bible Guy. But I really didn't want that bible he was oh so eager to offer. So I had an idea. I had my headphones on! I could walk right by this guy while fiddling with my Ipod (because I still hadn't picked any album to listen to yet) and pretend to not hear him! That way I wouldn't have to get yet another mini-bible that I would only toss into a random place never to be seen or heard from again.

So that's what I did.

Half a block away from the Old Bible Guy, my conscience wallops me with a 50 pound bag of guilt. What kind of terrible person am I to ignore a kindly man who only wants to possibly convert me and save my soul? He was doing it out of the kindness of his heart (or probably a sense of moral obligation) and I just pretended he didn't even exist. I felt like scum.

But there seems to be some sort of Old Bible Guy Convention in town because a couple blocks later, Old Bible Guy 2.0 was standing at a street corner!!

I almost tripped myself, I ran to him so fast. I treated him with a bright smile and a cheery "good morning" and why yes, I would love to have a mini green bible thank you so very much. Have a nice day Old Bible Guy 2.0!


What the hell am I supposed to do with my pocket-New Testament now?!

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So that's why the fandom thinks Eames can't spell!! I totally missed that little bit of interaction between Eames and Cobb when Eames was turning in his poker chips in Mombasa. I am much less confused now. Also, is it just me, or did it seem as though Eames sneaked a poker chip out of the pile to keep for himself? That would explain everyone thinking his totem's a poker chip.

ZERO-GRAVITY ARTHUR WILL NEVER NOT BE AWESOME. He's so smaaaaart, creating a sense of gravity in the elevator to produce a falling sensation. Also, he smiles while asleeeeep! I mean, it wasn't even a pleasant dream what with the zero-gravity fight...

Okay, we never actually find out what number Arthur's loaded die falls on. Most of the fics I've read seem to agree that it's 3 but every now and then I'll see a 5 or a 6 WHICH THEN THROWS ME OFF COMPLETELY. Can we get a consensus on which number is Arthur's "it's not a dream!" number? I vote for 3.


NO, ARIADNE, I WILL NOT SHIP YOU WITH ANYONE BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO CUTE FOR WORDS; EVERYBODY HAS PROTECTIVE BROTHERLY/FATHERLY TENDER FEELINGS FOR YOU INSTEAD. Seriously, I get kind of creeped out when she's shipped with Cobb or Eames or Arthur, even. I sort of want there to be epic team!love between them, because team!love makes me all happy inside. (Hello? Look how well it worked out for Team Sheppard).

Also, I'm developing an affinity for pining!Eames, moreso than pining!Arthur; although I wouldn't say no to either of them. But I especially like them from another's point of view. I've seen some very good Ariadne-POVs for them. However, I'd like to see a Yusuf-POV because I think he'd have a skewed, amusing opinion on the whole matter; that and Yusuf doesn't get nearly as much fandom love as the rest of them do. On that note, I really, really approve of the fandom love for Ariadne, seeing as most of the fandoms I've been watching tend to tear apart any female character that gets near the male characters. So, thank you, Inception-fandom, thank you so very much because Ariadne's much too cute to hate anyway.

(I wonder if I can sneak in a fourth viewing...)
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Rewatched Inception. Someone pointed out that, hey, we don't actually get to see Arthur in suspenders. Well, guess what? You do actually catch a glimpse of his suspenders during the anti-gravity fight scene. Arthur is shoving off Subconscious Security Guy and his waist coat bunches up enough to see a glimpse of what seems to be Y-backed suspenders. So there.

(Also, Arthur in a waistcoat, you guys, what more can you want?)

I now know that the Architect is named Ariadne and the Forger is named Eames. I am totally shipping Eames/Arthur. I see a trend in my shipping; whenever there's banter between a couple of male characters, I tend to ship them. Sheppard/Mckay would be a prime example of this. I <3 banter. Besides, Eames is such a tease with everyone anyway. He just looks better with Arthur at his side. To be honest, I didn't notice any slashy undertones between Eames and Arthur during the first viewing because I was so focused on trying to understand the plot. Throughout this second viewing, I was all "OHMYGOD, how did I miss that slash?!"

And I don't wish to ship Ariadne with anyone because she is much too cute and smart for any of the available guys (Cobb is too preoccupied with his dead, crazy French wife while Eames and Arthur are slashed; so that leaves Saito {too old}, the Chemist guy {not cool enough} and Fischer Jr. {hello, daddy issues}, and that other old guy that was with Fischer {also too old AND ugly}.) I tend to be a bit more protective of any cool female characters--there are so few of them around, after all--and don't easily hand them off to any particular ship. And when I finally do find someone to ship them with, the writers decide to not make it canon (Ronon/Teyla, anyone?). It rather annoys me.

In conclusion: Arthur! And can I get a third viewing, plz?

PS: I would totally be a Pointman. I love information-gathering. ARTHUR AND I CAN GO TO POINTMAN SCHOOL TOGETHER. :D
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Ladies and gentleman of the internet:

I have found a new fandom and its name is INCEPTION.


Arthur is my boy, my pretty pretty boy in suspenders and prettiness. His slicked back hair made me want to run up to him and mess it up (then run away because I get the feeling he'd have a flail-y panic attack over it---which I would laugh about from a safe distance and then offer him consolation in the form of cookies once he calms down).

I feel a desperate need to slash him (because that's how I show my love). Maybe with the Forger (whose name escapes me but I know the actor had a role in "Band of Brothers"). He was snarky and liked to blow things up and seeing the two put up with each other was hilarious. (I think they annoy each other to the point of torture, but I get a twisted sense of pleasure out of that. What does that say about me, I wonder?).

The female Architect (whose name also escapes me) was cute and smart and I want to adopt her.

There was a moment in the film that the characters went on to say something about the laws of physics and their suddenly not being applicable to the situation at hand. My first thought? "Oh, McKay would be pissed!" I could just picture him throwing a tantrum about it, all redfaced and panicky. It'd be great :D

This pretty much convinced me that my brain is wired by fandom. Seriously, a brain scan would probably show a map of fandoms, all interconnected in some way or another.

Fandom, I <3 you hardcore.

In conclusion: Inception, watch again y/y? *toddles off to find Inception!Arthur fanstuff*

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