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I had the weirdest dream last night. Neil Gaiman was my English teacher (which was strange because I haven't taken an English class in about two years and I'm certainly not taking one this semester). Then I ended up in his apartment because I had a question about the assignment (it was a recycling project where we had to actually recycle stuff and go green; what the hell?) and for some reason my little brother was with me. I met Gaiman's roommate which turned out to be Terry Pratchett (I don't even know, okay?).

Neil Gaiman was all "let's get ice-cream!" and Terry Pratchett was all "excellent idea!" so Gaiman donned a pair of rollerskates and my brother donned a pair of rollerblades. The two of them skated ahead while me and Pratchett walked. We ended up at, I kid you not, "Eames' Ice-Cream Shoppe." Seriously, that's what the sign said; Eames' name was in a much larger font than the rest of the title, and it was all pink and curlicue. Eames was unfortunately missing, but I was ecstatic to be at his shop nonetheless.

Pratchett ordered first, but I didn't quite hear what sort of ice-cream he chose. My brother ordered razzleberry icecream--is that even a flavor? I've no idea, I've never heard of it before. But it had coconut flakes and I <3 coconut; also, I coerced my brother into letting me taste his and, although I can't describe how it tastes, it was good. So I ended up ordering razzleberry with a scoop of butterscotch--which makes no sense at all because I'm pretty sure I've never even had butterscotch anything before. The ice-cream lady turned to Gaiman and was all "are you sure you want butterscotch mixed with razzleberry?" which sort of ticked me off because, hello, I was right there and I can order my own darn ice-cream, thank you very much. Gaiman was awesome though and simply said, "I believe that's what she ordered and I think she knows what she wants best."

As she started mixing the coconut flakes into my ice-cream, my alarm went off and I woke up.

I've decided I need a PASIV, if only to ruthlessly question my subconscious about these sort of dreams. (And, perhaps, to see if my projections manifest themselves as fictional characters as I suspect they would. Hey, I'm not going to complain if I have Sheppard and Castiel walking around in my mind).

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First off, THREE MORE DAYS. Supernatural Season Five. HOW I'VE PINED FOR YOU. Also, I went to Borders, BestBuy, and WalMart, comparing prices for Season Four of Supernatural.  they ranged from $35 to $60. I am completely and utterly broke. So, really, I'm a masochist. I want those DVDs so bad it's kind of pathetic. But Castiel is on the cover!! And it was all holographic and showed his pretty dark wings! *sigh*

On a side note, I finished reading Coraline. Have I mentioned  that Neil Gaiman is epic? Because he is. Majorly. I also read a comic of his, Batman: Whatever happened to the Caped-Crusader?. It was amazing. The Joker was in it (momentarily)! I love the Joker. The comic was all about Batman's funeral. I don't want to say much more than that because it would spoil the surprise (but, it really wasn't so surprising but very satisfying to see). But, Neil + Batman = Awesome Stuff. I wanted to buy a copy but I was moneyless. I liked the art in it too. I'm willing to read most any comic, regardless of the art because I'm usually more interested in the story but there are a few that the art kind of creeps me out. Batman: Of Lovers and Madmen, as an example. However, I adore that one because it's a Creation of Joker story and those are always fun. Also, Arkham Asylum had art that, while creepy, was refreshingly beautiful in a skewed, demented sort of way.

Of the three, I only own Arkham Asylum and I couldn't purchase the other two. It wasn't so bad because I still have a pile of books to read. I just picked up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Currently, I'm on chapter three.

Fact of Life: Zombies make everything more fun :D

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I just finished watching "Midnight" from season four of Doctor Who. This is the second time I watched it. The first time left be devastated and extremely frustrated. Really, I would like to pretend that human beings can be better than that. I like to pretend that we actually think before embracing the whole "kill the unknown entity." *le sigh* So, yeah, it was an uber-aggravating episode. Not to say it was a bad episode; the tension and suspense had me at the edge of my seat and my mind was completely captivated by the possibilities the unknown entity brought forth.

Also, when first watched it I thought emo-kid was pretty and I wanted to keep him. Now, my second time through, I realized that emo-kid's name is Jethro and is played by COLIN MORGAN. Results of the second viewing: still captivated by the plot but was easily distracted by pretty Colin. I'm fairly certain that I sort of squealed "He's so CUTE." every time he was on screen. My mom kept shooting amused/miffed glances in my direction. But! She agrees that Colin-dearest is very and utterly adorable.

Emo!Colin is just amazing. And I couldn't stop alternating between admiring his cheek bones and ogling his exposed neck. He has a nice neck. Curse Merlin and his stupidly endearing neckerchiefs.

*blush* I really should have more self-control. This is embarrassing behavior.

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