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Misha Collins is number 29. Jensen Ackles is number 6. Is anyone else ecstatic about that? Still, I think Misha should've been in the top ten *le sigh* Oh well. Perhaps next year.
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I'll try to get a more sensible post up later about the con. I just had to work the Misha-cinogen out of my system.
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I just got my tickets in the mail yesterday for the Salute to Supernatural Chicago Convention 2009. OMGYAY. I am so psyched, let me tell you. I got my preferred seating for Saturday admission ticket, as well as my Misha Collins photograph and autograph tickets. (It took me three tries to spell "tickets" that's how excited I am). They're all shiny and pretty and mine!! :D I am determined to enjoy every single second of the convention seeing as I haven't attended a convention in years and this'll be my first SPN themed convention. My two greatest friends will be attending the con with me. They've never gone to a con. They're con-virgins. I feel it apt that they should lose they're con-virginity with an SPN-con rather than a comic-con.

MISHAMISHAMISHAMISHA. It's going to be fantastic if only because of MISHA. But Jim Beaver's going to be there on Saturday, too. So, that means that it's going to be DOUBLE awesome.

On a completely unrelated, parting note, I just saw a youtube clip in which Colin Morgan listed himself as a "dragon wrangler" in his list of special talents. HE'S SO AMAZING, I LOVE HIM.


Jun. 1st, 2009 10:55 am
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It has been confirmed that Jared and Jensen do not have a Twitter. It is a bit saddening but, you know what? Misha is Love so I'm not all that sad XD

Misha is such an amazing guy. I don't think I've ever fangirled over anyone as badly as I'm fangirling over him. Wicked sense of humor. Kind of cocky at times (with good reason). Words cannot capture his pure AWESOME. *is smitten*
I am a proud Misha Minion, let me tell you.

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