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I used to have this thing. I refused to read RPF (real-person fiction). Honestly, I found the idea of using actual people, instead of the characters they play, to be rather invasive. I couldn't get over the fact that these people exist and writers put them in smutty situations (not always, obviously, but still). And I'd get hung up on that. Personally, I'd feel rather creeped out to find a fanfic written about me, specifically. So, I decided I would never read RPF.

And then Inception came along and opened my eyes to the wonders of Arthur/Eames slash. Then it made me fixate on JGL's dimples and T-Hard's lips. And then I started thinking of JGL + T-Hard.

And now I've crash-landed into the world of RPS (real person slash) starring JGL and T-Hard (who is married, ohmygod, what am I doing?). I feel like such a terrible person but my mind goes "Woah, HOT" at the thought of them together in *ahem* compromising situations.

I'm torn and distraught at my apparent weakness. How am I to cope with the guilt?

Oh, hey, look, more JGL/THard RPS fic! *distract distract distract*

(Distraction is a good coping method, right?)

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I have never before watched "That 70's Show" because, honestly, it looks kind of stupid and I'm more into science fiction TV, anyway (if we're in the past, where's the TARDIS?) Then I found this clip. JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT, WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN CUTE?? That bit at 2:09, where he's all smiley and says "you're so cute" needs to be made into an icon, like yesterday. WANTWANTWANT. Stupid, redhead boy having JGL kiss him...lucky bastard.

Seriously, when I went to watch Inception the first time, I had no idea it would introduce me to a new epic fan-crush. I must now go e-stalk him :)

ETA: Now that I think about it, it probably has already been made into an icon. I just gotta go find it.

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