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I just got my tickets in the mail yesterday for the Salute to Supernatural Chicago Convention 2009. OMGYAY. I am so psyched, let me tell you. I got my preferred seating for Saturday admission ticket, as well as my Misha Collins photograph and autograph tickets. (It took me three tries to spell "tickets" that's how excited I am). They're all shiny and pretty and mine!! :D I am determined to enjoy every single second of the convention seeing as I haven't attended a convention in years and this'll be my first SPN themed convention. My two greatest friends will be attending the con with me. They've never gone to a con. They're con-virgins. I feel it apt that they should lose they're con-virginity with an SPN-con rather than a comic-con.

MISHAMISHAMISHAMISHA. It's going to be fantastic if only because of MISHA. But Jim Beaver's going to be there on Saturday, too. So, that means that it's going to be DOUBLE awesome.

On a completely unrelated, parting note, I just saw a youtube clip in which Colin Morgan listed himself as a "dragon wrangler" in his list of special talents. HE'S SO AMAZING, I LOVE HIM.
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Spoilers )

And finally, happy birthday to me! I believe this episode of Merlin is quite the appropriate gift to myself.
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I just finished watching "Midnight" from season four of Doctor Who. This is the second time I watched it. The first time left be devastated and extremely frustrated. Really, I would like to pretend that human beings can be better than that. I like to pretend that we actually think before embracing the whole "kill the unknown entity." *le sigh* So, yeah, it was an uber-aggravating episode. Not to say it was a bad episode; the tension and suspense had me at the edge of my seat and my mind was completely captivated by the possibilities the unknown entity brought forth.

Also, when first watched it I thought emo-kid was pretty and I wanted to keep him. Now, my second time through, I realized that emo-kid's name is Jethro and is played by COLIN MORGAN. Results of the second viewing: still captivated by the plot but was easily distracted by pretty Colin. I'm fairly certain that I sort of squealed "He's so CUTE." every time he was on screen. My mom kept shooting amused/miffed glances in my direction. But! She agrees that Colin-dearest is very and utterly adorable.

Emo!Colin is just amazing. And I couldn't stop alternating between admiring his cheek bones and ogling his exposed neck. He has a nice neck. Curse Merlin and his stupidly endearing neckerchiefs.

*blush* I really should have more self-control. This is embarrassing behavior.

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Merlin is awesome, I've decided. I've been watching it as much as I can since it first aired on NBC. Unfortunately, I work until 7 on Sundays so I usually miss the first half of every episode. Which sucks, but what can you do? Besides, every bit assuages the pain of being Supernatural-less. Also, Merlin inspires an "OMG, SQUEE" fangirly reaction from me.

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