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Four reasons why one should watch The Losers: Cougar, Jensen, Pooch, and Uhura Aisha.

There's also team!love. I <3 team!love; it's one of the reasons I love the SGA fandom so much (the Inception fandom has a bit of this, too, which makes me endlessly happy).

Cougar is your classic stoic/silent type. Also, he's Hispanic and wears a cowboy hat all the time. No one's allowed to touch the hat. He can also shoot things down accurately and quickly from freakishly long distances. And, hello, Spanish accent! Yum. A lot of his screentime is shared with Jensen (why, hello, there Slash, it is nice seeing you again :D)

Jensen is a super tech-y genius with a severe case of motor mouth. The guy never stops talking, and can go from psychoanalyzing his boss to talking about how many sounds a cat can make in the space of seconds. And he sings, in a ridiculous manner, that one song ("Don't Stop Believing" ?) that got stuck in my head for ages afterward. In addition to all that, he has a niece in the 8 years and younger soccer league, of whom he is insanely proud. It's cute!

Pooch can drive just about anything from little school buses to choppers. No matter what he's driving, he's got his little bobble-head chihuaha on the dashboard (which is adorable). He also has a wife with a kid on the way, both of whom he loves to bits. I like seeing them together.

Aisha (who, I must point out, shares her name with my little half-sister) is tough as nails and can manipulate people easily. Not only that, but she can hold her own in fight against a guy twice her weight. On top of all that, I love her voice, like, hardcore.

Why I didn't like the film:

Roque is annoying. He is mean and not team-oriented (though I do approve of his fixation on knives).

Max is a pansy; he is arrogant and hasn't done anything to deserve it, plus he repeats names too often (seriously, he ends or starts every other sentence with his goon's name). I mean, I know that villains are necessary for an epic battle of morality but why couldn't we have had a cool villain? It's not that difficult! There's plenty of villians I like (the Master, the Joker, to name a couple). But Max? He just grates on my nerves.

Aisha's fight scenes are highly sexualized. Instead of just showing off the fact that she can, in fact, fight off guys that are bigger and stronger than her, she's gratuitously shown in a half-naked state with the guy practically grinding against her. It was disgusting. Sex and violence are not one entity, people! It's because of images like those that men and women think abusive behavior is a normal part of a sexual/romantic relationship. (That's not to say some people do not enjoy some violence in their sex lives, but those orchestrations are completely different from a fight scene devolving into a sexy scene.)

Other stuff that doesn't make the film either good or bad:

Daddy Winchester's in the film! Except that his character is boring. I mean, I like him because he's Daddy Winchester but that's about it. His character's name is Clay and he's the boss of the team. All things considered, he's not as attention grabbing as the first few characters I mentioned, and not just in a "ohmygod, hot!" sense. His character's kind of bland and flat; no backstory implied at all. Whereas with Pooch and Jensen there are implied backstories by mentions of family ties. Jensen even hints at having had highly argumentative/aggressive parents. We learn who Aisha's daddy is, too. Granted, we don't have a backstory for Cougar either, but 1) Hispanic, 2) accent, and 3) hat. There is so much potential!

Now I need to get my hands on the comics.

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