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Firstly, CAFFREY WHY ARE YOU SO RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS? (This is probably the foremost thought in my head whenever he's on screen).

Secondly, Mozzie/Peter/Caffrey friendship fills me with glee. It's so sweet how Peter and Mozzie are working with each other (despite Mozzie being a paranoid freak--don't take that the wrong way, I <3 Mozzie) to take care of Caffrey. It's all fluffy and warm.

Elizabeth continues to rock, what with her being a mindreader and all. (How else can you explain her knowing what's in Caffrey's or Peter's head all the time?) I'm glad, because usually female characters are all frail and insipid but she's not (why yes, Fowler, I will go berserk on you if you mess with my business and husband--was that EPIC or what?). Unfortunately, this leads me to my last point.

DIANA WHY DO YOU HAVE THE MUSIC BOX? ARE YOU EVIL? PLEASE DON'T BE EVIL, DARLING, I LIKED YOU SO MUCH!! No, seriously, someone reassure me that Diana's not a shallow, greedy, traitorous wench. She's so smartly dressed, sharp witted, and efficient! She was too cool for words! And they end the episode with her having the amber box in a personal safe?! WHYYYYYYYY???

I should be sleeping right now. I would be sleeping right now but then they gave me that freaking ending. It's going to gnaw at my mind.

*debates whether to sleep or watch another ep*

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