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Sep. 24th, 2010 09:19 pm
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See my icon? That was my reaction to the whole freaking episode. Domesticity? Do not want, Dean, do NOT WANT. You know what pisses me off the most? The assumption that Dean just shows up and everything's happy and good and perfect. Did you see him? Did you see his facial expressions? Did you see the way he held himself? The way he moved? His posture?

Those were not that of a happy man. All of those details screamed unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Boredom and listlessness! I mean, don't get me wrong; I appreciate that Dean mentioned how screwed up he was, with the drinking and obssessing. And Lisa mentioned that it wasn't easy. But it's just so glazed over. The writers' don't include all the layers, all the intricacies of forming a family. All the pain and impotence and frustration of accepting someone new and foreign into what is supposed to be familiar and safe. And why would Ben need a male, father-esque figure in his life? Heteronormative, much? Children don't need a parent of the same sex to develop healthily. A son doesn't need a father figure and a daughter doesn't need a mother figure. What's wrong with being a single parent with an opposite sexed child? Nothing, that's what. A boy raised by a single mom will not become gay

*growls* Do you see what I'm trying to say here? It's gender conforming and heterosexist!

Okay, okay, my feminist rant is over. Moving on to other things.

The Campbells. They're all a bunch of creepsters, aren't they? They all strike me as slimy backstabbers. They stole away that djinn, right? And at least one of the Campbells are supposed to be dead. So, I'm thinking they're either all evil and/or demon-y, collecting demons/evil creatures to make an army and cause chaos. If not that, they captured the djinn in order to study it since so many of these creatures are defying all the rules (werewolves at half-moon, what's up with that?). I dunno. I don't get good vibes off of those Campbells. Come to think of it, I'm not getting good vibes off of Sam either. He's freaking me out. But Bobby's all good. I <3 Bobby.

Finally, DEAN, GO BACK TO HUNTING. You're pretty much useless to Lisa and Ben, anyway. Is anyone else surprised he didn't teach those two the basics, at least? With everything he knows, everything that's happened, you'd think he'd know the value of rudimentary lessons. (Salt, Ben, salt is your best friend. Lisa, that silverware you have can be incredibly useful in ways other than feeding yourself). And I noticed a severe lack of Cas. I Do Not Approve. This episode would have been much better if there was Cas time.

In conclusion: Everything was wrong. Domesticity is not allowed, the Impala is not supposed to be tarped and locked away, and Cas should've been there.

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